The Dortmunder Mitternachtsmission E.V. is a nonprofit organization sponsored by public donations. Therefore we are thankful and dependent on every contribution- independently of the amount.

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Dortmunder Mitternachtsmission e.V.
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The Dortmunder Mitternachtsmission is an organisation which counsels
  • Prostitutes,
  • Children and youngsters in prostitution,
  • Victims of human trafficking.
Social workers, street workers, casual workers and volunteers go along with women who offer sexual services in bagnios, clubs, bars, apartments and flats.

Place and time can be arranged flexibly. That means an offer of social work 24 hours a day and at different places.

The goals of social work are:
  • helping the clients to achieve a healthy, self-determined life in safety and a fearless, financial and emotional independency
  • the execution of laws for prostitution which offer social equality to everybody working in prostitution
  • the ending of discrimination and criminalization
Women who want to quit prostitution live mostly under desolate financial circumstances and psychological desperation. They lose contact to relatives and friends and are often under the pressure of procurers. Frequently the women are disgusted by the services they offer in prostitution. Hence they cannot continue their work. Sometimes they even think of suicide.

The difficult economic situation and the resulting poor occupational perspectives make it even more difficult to quit prostitution. Some prostitutes need a lot of time to quit until they are physically and psychologically devastated. Due to their bad condition they nearly do not have any chances for social integration and achieving civil existence.

The engagement of the Mitternachtsmission is a well-known activity in the milieu of prostitution and in the public sphere. The offer of counseling is demanded by an increasing number of clients.

More than 600 clients quit prostitution with the help of the Mitternachtsmission since 1986.

The Mitternachtsmission counsels and helps:
  • if there are problems with partners, friends, parents and children
  • to deal with public departments (such as social assistance office, housing office), renters, DEW, banks, post offices etc.
  • to search for flats and help with moving from one place to another
  • with dept counseling
  • to search for jobs, deal with the job centers (e.g. Arge), profession encouragement, reeducation and further education
  • with application forms and in tax matters
  • in negotiations with other counseling institutions (e.g. drug counseling, consumer counseling)
  • in dialogues with attorneys and appointments at court
  • in issues regarding health care, health insurance, accompany to doctors and make visits in hospitals and in prison
  • with drug addiction
  • to quit prostitution

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